Australian Chocolate Diamonds

Unique in both presentation and its identity, every Australian Chocolate Diamond comes with its very own ‘Diamond Story’ certificate. The certificate contains specific information about each individual diamond: its point of origin, original rough weight, Argyle lot number, colour and clarity.
The Australian Chocolate Diamond ‘Birth Certificate’ acts as a guarantee that the gem you are investing in is an authentic, homegrown Australian Argyle Diamond mined from the red earth of the Australian Kimberley Region Western Australia. Even then, only a few make it to the global marketplace deemed worthy of becoming jewellery.

Like all Eternity Diamonds, each Australian Chocolate Diamond is independently graded and adheres to the highest standards set by the Australian Diamond Grading Laboratory. Independent grading gives you the confidence that you are purchasing a natural diamond at the specific colour, clarity and cut grade that you have been promised. Australian Chocolate Diamonds and Argyle Pink Diamonds are the only coloured diamonds whose hue and value does not result from impurities in the stone, rather the colour originates from a process known as ‘Plastic deformation and reformation’.
During plastic deformation heat and pressure severely alter the crystalline structure so that it completely loses the original parallel structure of white rough diamond and reforms into a freeform crystalline structure as it cools. Australian Chocolate Diamonds are colour graded against the Argyle Colour Grading Scale, ranging from C1 to C7 (see colour grading chart below), with C1 being the lightest stones and C7 the darkest. Most Australian Chocolate Diamonds grade within the C4 to C6 colour range.