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Custom-Made Jewellery Australia - Purchase Your Major Brand Name and Custom-Made Jewellery in Australia from Us

Commission your custom-made jewellery in Australia. We have 30 years’ industry experience, design and manufacture much of the jewellery we sell, and gladly offer ideas regarding style, concepts, metals, and gemstones. Book a consultation quickly and simply via our online reservation system.

The Benefits of Bespoke Jewellery in Australia

Bespoke engagement and wedding rings are popular because you won’t find another exactly like it anywhere, which makes it exclusive to you and your partner. 

• You can avoid added costs and stick to your budget when working with a skilled and proficient artisan who designs and makes something especially for you. We assist with concepts and outlines, make sketches of and refine ideas, and help you to make decisions based on your tastes and needs.
• Mass-produced jewellery can be top-of-the-range but bespoke engagement rings in Australia are singular because the craftsperson takes special care to perfect a one-of-a-kind piece using the metals and stones you’ve selected. You’ll be wearing an artwork created with you in mind, which adds to the emotional and sentimental value of the jewellery as you − and your loved one if you’re having an engagement or wedding ring made − are part of shaping the product.
• We are committed to excellent customer service and spend time with you to understand your requirements and create what you imagined. You will receive the highest level of attention.
• Jewellers undergo many years of training to acquire the skills, knowledge, and ability to make a beautiful work of art. You have the opportunity to work alongside an artisan to create a piece of bespoke jewellery according to your vision. A hand-made customised piece requires competence, time, and effort, which gives even more meaning to an item you will cherish for years to come.

Ask us to remodel or remake an unwanted or dated item. We can use the stones and metal to manufacture a preferred new setting, turning a brooch into a necklace or a pair of earrings. We will find a replacement for a missing stone or re-cut an existing one.

How to Customise Your Order for Handmade Jewellery in Australia

Discuss and show us your design ideas during our in-store or online consultation. We offer you inspiration, a design library, practical tips, and years of experience to assist in creating a personalised article like no other.

• The design is our first order of business. We will show you an assortment of gemstones to choose from once we’ve agreed on what you want your piece to look like. The next step involves giving us your authorisation and paying the deposit, after which we will get to work on your Australian bespoke jewellery. 
• We contact you as soon as your bracelet, earrings, necklace, wedding ring, or other piece has been completed. We also create custom-made engagement rings in Australia.
• We offer a complete and professional range of repair services for your damaged and broken jewellery so you can enjoy wearing that prized heirloom or have that lost stone replaced. Let us restore, alter, clean, and polish your jewellery.

Our repair and refurbishment services are competitively priced and you are assured of quality craftsmanship and value for money. Request your obligation-free quote in the knowledge that your items will be handled with care, kept safe, and covered by our insurance while on our premises. 

Why You Should Use Bestowed Jewellers

We do valuations for probate, insurance replacements, second-hand replacement value purposes, sales between parties, and estate appraisal. Our pricing is transparent and there are no hidden costs. Contact us with your suggestions, queries, and requests.