Cudworth Cufflinks - We Supply Cudworth Cufflinks in Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, and 9ct Gold

Purchase your distinctive Cudworth cufflinks and a wide variety of brand and custom-made jewellery from our Winmalee store or online. You’ll always find a beautiful piece you would love to own or give in our collection.

Little Known Facts About Cudworth Stainless Steel Cufflinks

Cudworth Enterprises was established 100 years ago and has been a leading men’s jeweller since. It has survived several downturns, recessions, the Great Depression, name changes, World War II, and COVID-19, and is still going strong. Cudworth moves with the times and gives the modern man what he wants.

• Cudworth Enterprises provides the Australian man with distinct accessories and fashion jewellery. It was the first to manufacture stainless steel adornments in Australia and has since moved into the New Zealand, United Kingdom, and European markets.
• We offer a wide, attractive selection of Cudworth cufflinks, so take a look at our collection. You’ll find an ion plating (IP) black and rose gold cylindrical pair, a brushed IP gunmetal − or gold − polished stainless steel option, and a polished rose gold stainless steel and wood carbon set.
• What is ion plating on stainless steel? It’s an advanced surface coating procedure during which a titanium nitride layer – in a vapour form − is added to the base metal to provide strength, durability, a permanent shine, and an enhanced polished or matte surface finish. 
• Our Cudworth plain, round, brushed, IP gold stainless steel cufflinks can tolerate cavalier treatment. Their lustre doesn’t wear off and they’re easy to clean. IP plating is lightweight, provides different colours − depending on the metals used − is hypoallergenic, and reduces production cost while still offering a classy look and style.

Browse through cufflinks online to view our Cudworth stainless steel, ion plated, gradient check and our Cudworth polished, plain, oval, stainless steel cufflinks.

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Our jewellery is available in rose-, yellow-, and white gold, sterling silver, silver, and stainless steel. The gemstone range includes freshwater pearls, diamonds, agate, sapphires, mystic and blue topaz, amethyst, and emeralds. 

• Consider our range of Cudworth men’s rings. View the 11mm wide sterling silver with black enamel ring, the 6mm wide rose gold and gunmetal plated sterling silver band, and the Cudworth pearl rhodium plated, woven pattern, sterling silver ring. 
• Also, have a look at the Cudworth 21cm braided antique grey Italian leather and brushed stainless steel bracelet, and the crystal set, stainless steel tag with chain.
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We stock the Coeur De Lion, Sekonda, Qudo, Nominations, Ingersoll, and Ania Haie jewellery brands, among others.

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